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Obesity - hitting you in the hip pocket

Researchers from the United States have calculated an annual “obesity cost” of $5105 for women and $2769 for men according to a recent report in the Associated Press. The research took into consideration things such as sick days, lost productivity, the need for extra petrol and the cost of higher medical bills.

The research also found obese women were likely to earn less than normal weighted women and that obesity levels didn’t adversely affect the wages of obese men. Why this gender difference exists in relation to wage earning capacity between the sexes is unclear. One thing is certain, the research should provide another prompt government policy advisors to further invest in health promotion initiatives designed to lower national obesity rates as the financial impact of the global obesity epidemic encompasses more and more aspects of society.

According to the World Health Organization, 2/3 of Australian women and ¾ of Australian men are either overweight or obese.

Guy Leech
7 Time Winner Uncle Toby’s Iron Man Championship, Winner World Iron Man & Australian Marathon Swimming Race & Founder of Guy Leech Health

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