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Must-have accessories while you workout

To get the most enjoyment and use out of your treadmill consider having the following things on or around the treadmill:

  • As we head into Spring, make the most of your Air Cool Console Fan! In Summer, consider adding a pedestal fan which you can place in front of the treadmill to provide extra cooling breeze like that naturally found outdoors.
  • Plug in your MP3/iPod/iPhone or turn on the TV to provide motivational music or programs that can help keep your mind active while you're exercising.
  • Use your Polar heart rate monitor to exercise in your Target Heat Rate zone…no more, no less.
  • A dry hand towel to wipe your brow when you inevitably start to perspire.
  • Water for hydration
  • Perhaps a poster with words of wisdom, or a photo showing your ideal weight to keep the goal alive!
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