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Muay Thai Pads for Training

Muay Thai pads are a fantastic way to continue your martial art, boxing and self-defence training at home. Specifically designed to re-create the experience of sparring with a real person, this product is great for increasing and developing your strength, co-ordination and combat skills.

There are a few key things to consider when choosing the right brand of Muay Thai pads, including:

  • Quality of the pads. If you opt for cheaper alternatives that aren’t the best quality, the product will both not last as long, and actually cause more damage to your hands and joints through its inability to absorb impact.
  • Adjustability. The more adjustable functions available, the better. This helps with not only a range of heights and body types, but also in changing up your training routine.
  • Design. You want to make sure the design of your Muay Thai pads are tailored specifically for the type of rigorous training you are going to do.

Kick your training up a gear with CombatZone’s Muay Thai pads!

CombatZone brings you all of these features and more in their fantastic quality products. Using only the best material to ensure bounce back and minimise your risk of injury, you’ll be hard pressed to find training pads like these at such an affordable price elsewhere.

The team at CombatZone know how you like to train, that’s why they’ve created a unique head pad that is optimal for perfecting upper cuts and hooks. They also offer full adjustability and flexibility, from the base height to the distance between the side training pads.

If you want genuine quality Muay Thai pads for training, look no further than CombatZone. Order online through CardioTech today and save a significant amount of time and money!

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