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Move More, Feel Good

During life some people move in and out of periods where they are active and not so active. If you have ever had a period of time where you have not been as active as usual did you notice a change in your mood? These periods of time, sometimes out of our control, emphasise how important movement is to our lives. Being active positively influences all aspects of our lives and components of our health, yes definitely the physical component but also the mental, emotional and social components of health.

Being active produces endorphins in our body that help improve our mood and make us feel happy. It also gives us a great sense of achievement and with that come personal satisfaction and contentment.

It is strange how for something that is good for us and for something that makes us feel so good we still manage to search for the excuses not to do it. Many times we use the excuse of work, time, family or finance when really where there is a will there is a way. The 'will' builds from past experience and realisation of the overall positive affect movement can have on these aspects of our lives. The 'will' is also built from a desire to improve and maintain good health and happiness.

So the next time you are snowed under with work and feel like you just cannot make the move out of the office as you can't waste time or you've had a stressful day and are feeling tired and sorry for yourself I urge you to force yourself to get out and get active. You will always feel 100% more energised and revitalised afterwards and you will find that realistically you did not waste time but rather you used that time to gain a whole lot more. Time is something that once used we just can't get back so we need to make the most of it and with the time we have it is well worth our efforts to keep active. You might just find you become more efficient with the things that you used to use as excuses.

Move more, stress less, feel good, love life.

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