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Make exercising effortless

You've got the treadmill, you've set goals, you're staring at the bikini to fit into this summer. Now what? Well, start... and as soon as possible!

The idea here is to establish a daily or weekly routine for using your treadmill as quickly as possible so it's a good idea to walk on your treadmill around the same time each day and on the same days of the week if you can.

Forming an exercise habit is a weight watchers best friend and because you can use your treadmill anytime that suits you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine, forming an exercise routine when you have a treadmill of your very own makes that much easier.

One easy way to form a habit it to use technology to make your life easier! Set reminders on your phone or tablet and set the ‘repeat’ function, so it alarms at the same time everyday.

Another way is to have your workout clothes ready and available to wear. Whether you exercise early morning or last thing at night, if they’re close to hand it makes it effortless to get going.

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