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Improve your running technique

Without guidance from a trainer, your running style could be a little off track. Here are four common pavement-pounding mistakes to avoid if you want to reap max benefits from your treadmill session

  1. Running technique
    Many joggers take steps that stretch slightly beyond their natural running motion, triggering excessive rotation, which occurs when the pelvis and spine move too far in one direction. Similarly, many joggers swing their arms too far forward or too far back, perhaps under the impression that this will help tone their arms. While this is true to some extent, the damage may outweigh the small toning benefits as extreme and constant arm swinging can misalign the spine.

  2. Unequal Impact
    Runners strike down harder on a certain area of their feet; some are rear-foot runners (weight falls on the rear of feet) for example, while others can be forefoot runners (weight falls on the front of feet). If youíre experiencing foot pain after running, itís likely that the force with which youíre landing on your feet is excessive. There are many ways your podiatrist can help you adjust. As an example, many rear-foot runners use lightweight running shoes to encourage forefoot running.

  3. All to Familiar
    Run the same distance everyday? According to fitness experts, this could be leaving your body a little under-worked-out. Not only does your body become familiar with the routine, but it is left unchallenged, because you arenít exposing it to different inclines and distances.

  4. Body Imbalance
    There are some runners who have an asymmetrical running style, where they land harder on one side of the body than the other. This can be problematic as the hips and back on one side receive more impact than the other, potentially causing joint pain as well as unbalanced muscle development.
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