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How to keep the extra kilos off this Christmas Holidays

The combination of endless family feasts and exercise going into holiday mode at Christmas time is a recipe for unwanted weight gain. We're not suggesting you don't have a piece of your Aunt Glenda's famous family recipe fruit cake on Christmas Day (and on Boxing Day, and the day after!), but if you want to make getting back into the exercise routine next year much less painful, try these easy tips.

Tip 1: Get Skipping

If you’re going away for holidays and don’t have room to take your trusty treadmill or vibration machine with you, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise if you want to. A skipping rope will take up hardly any precious suitcase space, and just five minutes of skipping will get your heart pumping and burn off some calories. It will also aid in your overall core strength, so a week away from your vibration machine won’t be all that bad!

Tip 2: Walk it off

Walking as much as possible during your break will help lighten your load, and yes, making tracks at Westfield counts! A pedometer is an inexpensive investment, available at CardioTech kiosks that will tell you how many steps you take each day- aim for 10,000 to prevent weight gain. Aim to get outside for 20 minutes in the morning t help fight lethargy throughout the day.

Tip 3: Reach for the water bottle

At work you might refill your water bottle multiple times a day like a saint, but when you’re at home during the holidays it’s easy to forget to keep hydrated. Always have a water bottle filled in the fridge to reach for instead of the soft drink left over from Christmas.

Tip 4: Do a shot!

Lacking in vitamins can result in low energy levels, which makes us more likely to eat whatever is in reach rather than a healthily prepared meal. So have a vegetable juice or wheatgrass shot when you're at the shops picking up bargains in the post-Christmas sales to replenish your vitamin levels. Good for your skin, too!

Tip 5: Don't go all-or-nothing

Setting unrealistic expectations is the fastest way to binge town. Rather than being determined to eat healthily over the holidays, accept that you're going to indulge within reason. Dessert at Christmas lunch? Of course. A whole box of Cadbury Favourites to yourself? Not so much.

Tip 6: Primp and preen

Something as simple as doing a face mask, getting a spray tan, a blow-dry or mani/peni will help you to feel glamorous in the post-Christmas Day vortex of leftovers and lounging. When you look good, you feel good, and you'll be less likely to have an 'I might as well just give up' attitude.

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