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How to get through Easter – the healthy way!

Each year there seems to be more and more types of Easter eggs, chocolates and baked goods available to celebrate Easter. There is plenty of temptation but the key is moderation and making healthy choices. If you treat yourself to chocolate and Hot Cross buns, remember not to over indulge, and remind yourself that you will pay for it when your weight increases after a couple of days of too many treats. Everything you eat will end up on a part of your body you hate, guaranteed!

A simple step to help with making better choices is to swap quantity for quality and to get active.

  • Swap a large chocolate to a small portion of dark chocolate to satisfying those chocolate cravings.
  • Keep the chocolates hidden away in a cupboard. If they are in your line of vision constantly then you will be more likely to snack on them
  • Swap reaching for many hot cross buns to just the one, or better still, share one with a friend
  • Swap lashings of butter on a hot cross bun for a scrape of reduced fat margarine or ricotta
  • Get active during your break. You have 5 days off so take 30-60 minutes each day for physical activity. This still gives you plenty of time to rest & relax each day
  • Swap standard wine or beer with Low alcohol versions which are usually half the calories too
  • If you crave something sweet try a chocolate Skinny Cow ice cream tub (only 105 cals) and delicious
  • Try low fat alternatives such as low fat banana pancakes or sugar cookies
  • Give a card instead of chocolates and ask for the same in return. If you don’t have them you cant eat them all

You might not realise how many you have consumer so keep track of it. Just a few Easter eggs and a couple of hot cross buns could be equivalent to hour daily calorie intake. For example there are 174 calories in a tiny 39g Cadbury Crème Egg and 205 calories in a plain hot cross bun. Remember moderation is key and if you make healthy choices not only will your body thank you but you will feel so much better at the end of your holiday for being strong and focused. Don't forget to get plenty of exercise in with your very own treadmill.  Have a safe and enjoyable Easter break.

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