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High Energy Habits At Home

Research in the US have shown that tiny movements we make constantly – from fidgeting to toe tapping can really add up to big energy burners.

Researchers refer to these tiny incidental activities as “NEAT”, which stands for “Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis”, and over time they really can make a huge difference to your waistline. Simply changing a few habits, such as ditching the dryer for hanging things out on the washing line, can save you money and burn kilojoules at the same time.

“A person can expend [kilojoules] either by going to the gym or through everyday activities,” says Professor Levine. “Our studies show that the [kilojoules] people burn in their everyday activities – their NEAT – are far, far more important in obesity than we previously imagined.”
Who would’ve guessed that fidgeting could be one of the keys to permanent and healthy weight loss?

Here are 3 tips for around the home:

Don’t wait for the recycling or rubbish to pile up. Get those legs moving and make a trip to the outside bins. Finished a carton of milk? Bin it immediately!

Put more oomph into your housework. Forget the gym. Forty minutes of vigorous cleaning equates to more than 540 kilojoules, while light cleaning burns just under 420kJ (based on energy expenditure for a 70kg woman). Added bonus? You’ll have a really clean house!

Get active during TV ad breaks. Don’t just sit there! Stand up and move around, put some things away, get busy with the broom, have a bathroom break, put some washing on, or do some stretches and squats. It’s all about being mobile and simply moving regularly, just like our ancestors did.


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