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Going back to work? Feeling Stressed? Work It Out!

A new study confirms what many of already know: Regular exercise is one of the best ways to combat daily stress.

Researchers at the University of Texas, Houston, asked 135 college students to fill out questionnaires to assess their daily stress loads as well as their moods, physical activity patterns and overall health.

Those who reported exercising less often experienced 37 percent more physical symptoms and 21 percent more anxiety during periods of high stress than those who exercised more frequently.

Exercise, it seems, offered students a temporary respite from their problems, a period of rejuvenation before returning to the pressure of daily stress.

According to lead researcher Dr. Cindy L. Carmack, ''Minor, everyday stress contributes to the development and exacerbation of physical and mental health problems. However, people experiencing minor stress develop different degrees of symptoms, depending on their level of physical activity.''

So if you find your nails are practically chewed off and you can barely sleep or switch off at night… then jump on the treadmill, go for a run, try some yoga or visit CardioTech to find out a little more about vibration training. It might just give you the strength you need!

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