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Find The Right Treadmill For You

We’ve all been there. You need to go for a run, but the weather is just too cold and wet, and going to the gym just isn’t an option. In which case, a treadmill at home makes the perfect alternative for your cardio workout. Lucky for you, CardioTech are behind three of the best treadmills in the fitness industry.

The CardioTech Guy Leech GLT-3 treadmill was rated the #1 Best Buy by Triathlon magazine. Luxurious and comfortable, largely due to its Air Flex™ Dual Cushioning which provides superior support for your joints, the GLT-3 will take you to anything from a gentle walk to a brisk run. With its smart keys on the hand grip, pulse grip heart rate sensor and LCD display screen, everything you need from a treadmill is right here on the GLT-3.

Rent to buy a quality treadmill today

With tons of grunt but so quiet you barely realise it’s on, the 2.5HP motor in the X9 Treadmill makes it the most powerful in our range. Featuring a full size deck with Air Flex™ Dual Cushioning, you can enjoy the luxury of a comfortable walk, jog or run on a spacious deck. Combine this with the dynamic stability control and double weave / anti static belt and you’ll enjoy a much smoother run.

The X5 Treadmill from CardioTech is the new generation of treadmill. A quiet 1.5HP motor powers this Air Flex™ Dual Cushioned treadmill up to 13kph, so you can go for anything from a stroll to an intense marathon training session. Manual incline and automatic mat adjustment allow for a walk or run that’s free from stress on your feet.

All CardioTech treadmills are available on an affordable rent to buy option. Contact us today and start getting fit right in the comfort of your own home!

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