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How to Choose a Cross Trainer

Did you know that a Elliptical Cross Trainer is the second most intense cardio machine used. Cross Trainers were developed to replicate the motions of running, without the risk of stress to your joints and muscles. It’s a machine that can develop most of your muscle groups at once. If used properly, can target your arms, upper body, legs, gluts and even core.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Cross Trainer, below gives you the run down on how to select the right one.

Stride Length
The stride length indicates the distance you move when you walk on the machine. Most people investing in a Cross Trainer will have more than one person using the machine in their home, so an adjustable stride is a must!

Fly Wheel Weight
The fly wheel absorbs and releases energy from the running motion. Without a flywheel the motion would be uneven and jumpy. The Guy Leech Cross Trainer delivers on this as well as the addition of Tri-Phase™ Engineering, giving is a full size 3 piece crank and oversized flywheel.

Find out more about how Cross Trainers can help you burn more calories and get to your goal faster.

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