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Behind the scenes of a treadmill photo shoot

Last week we had a photoshoot at SYC Studios in East Brisbane for a new product we are launching - the X5+ treadmill. If you’ve never been to SYC studios, try and find a reason to go! They have these crazy-confronting-but-oh-so-creative pictures everywhere, complete with a viewing gallery.

Our photoshoot days are always insanely chaotic, particularly for our treadmills, and we always seem to have a dilemma pop up at some point in the day which thankfully we manage to get through.

There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing for the shoot before we even get there. We have to arrange a photographer, studio, date, time, the hair and make-up artist, models, equipment, delivery of the equipment, and wardrobe just to start.

We are lucky enough to have some fabulous friends over at Lorna Jane who provided us with a few beautiful pieces for the day, and hair and make-up extraordinaire Tiffany did an amazing job.

We even got a few behind the scenes pictures for you to look at! Coming to your closest CardioTech kiosk soon.

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