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Avoid impulse snacking

Carry cash and you’ll be less likely to splurge on unhealthy treats and junk food, claims a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Cash payments are psychologically more painful than card payments, and this pain of payment can curb impulsive responses to buy unhealthy food items, found the researchers.

You always start the day with a big breakfast = sneaky weight gain

Why it causes weight gain: Contrary to popular belief, starting your day with a big breakfast may not be the best way to keep weight off. In fact, it may result in weight gain. 

The idea behind eating a big breakfast is that it might help you feel fuller for longer and prevent overeating at other meals. However, a new study published in Nutrition Journal found those who ate a big breakfast – defined as being an average of 1680kJ greater than a small breakfast – didn’t balance their kilojoule intake and ended up eating an extra 1680kJ. 

“The results of the study showed that people ate the same at lunch and dinner, regardless of what they had for breakfast,” says lead author Dr Volker Schusdziarra.

What you can do: “Breakfast is an important meal, but eating a big breakfast isn’t necessary,” Renn says. 

“Trying to eat a big breakfast and then decreasing your lunch and dinner sizes isn’t always possible, and unwittingly sets you up for overeating. Instead, you need to balance the kilojoules you consume across the whole day and aim to eat a breakfast based on protein, fibre, wholegrains and fruit.”

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