7 smart ways to make pizza healthier

Domino’s Pizza may be cheap and easy, but that’s definitely not what you want your body to be.  Instead try homemade which can be just as quick and simple to make, and is one of the most versatile dinners around! Top it with only your favourite flavours and you’ll never get bored … even when it’s enjoyed as a left over.

Here are some clever ways to enjoy pizza using nutritious ingredients to keep you on your path to good health.

  1. Top it with goodness, but don’t overdo it.  Try using a thin base, but don’t be too heavy on the toppings.  This ensures you pizza doesn’t get too soggy, and you’re not overeating.
  2. Alternative bases. You could make your own dough with whole-wheat flour, or even use thin sandwich bread. Tortillas or pita bread also make great snack size pizzas that are perfect on the go.
  3.  Sneak in veggies. You’d be surprised at how tasty cauliflower or zucchini can be. Get creative with your combinations.
  4. Tomato sauce. Avoid the pre-made versions that are packed with sugar.  Try making your own or use sliced tomatoes instead. Or why not garlic paste, pesto or hummus?
  5. Transform the texture with some beans. Go with a Mexican theme and gives you a punch of protein to your meal.
  6. Speaking of protein… chicken is a great topping. Event try Tofu or nuts for some extra goodness. Eggs scrambled, poached or over-easy can also be added, especially on a breakky version.
  7. Choose your cheese. This is where most of us get stuck. Use goat’s cheese which has less fat and more protein that other cheeses.  Other low fat options are cottage, ricotta, or a low-fat feta.


Try this delicious recipe – Pesto Cheese Pizza and more.

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