4 Treadmill Workouts to Try at Home

The treadmill is the most popular fitness equipment in the
world. It is a fantastic alternative to outdoor workouts and offers a safe,
secure and controlled environment in which to achieve those 30 minutes of daily
exercise. But sometimes, treadmill workouts can become monotonous. To keep
things interesting and to get the most out of your exercise time, try these four
easy treadmill workouts:

Routine 1 – No

This first routine was designed by fitness manager Cindy
Wasilewski. It is called the “no excuses workout” because it delivers maximum
results for the amount of time invested. Start with a five minute warm up at a
1% incline. After you’re sufficiently warm, increase the incline and speed to
6% and 4.5kmph respectively. Maintain this speed for 1 minute then reduce to a
4% incline and slow to a walk for 2 minutes. Repeat this pattern twice more –
running at 6% incline for 1 minute, then recovering for 2. Finally, after 10
minutes of this routine slow yourself to a walk as you warm down. To break up this
treadmill routine, try incorporating a few floor exercises in between 10 minute
intervals. This will help keep boredom at bay, keep the heart pumping and
increase your calorie burn.

Routine 2 – Heart
rate runner

Before your workout, calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR)
by subtracting your age from 220. In order to maximize your calorie burn and
fat loss during exercise, you must hit at least 70% of your MHR for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, slow the treadmill to an easy jogging pace, and warm down for
a few minutes. Once you’ve mastered 30 minutes at 70%, you might want to try
for 85% of your MHR.

Routine 3 – nightly

This is a fun way to achieve your 30 minutes treadmill exercise after work. Choose a 30-minute TV program and program your treadmill
for a fast but comfortable walking pace. Increase your speed so that you’re
running at 80% of your MHR during the commercials, then slow back to a fast
walk when the program resumes. By watching your favourite program while you
run, you’ll take your mind off the monotony and those 30 minutes will be over
before you know it.

Routine 4 – Take a

Try raising your treadmill incline to mimic hiking up a
hill. Start by walking at 3.5mph on a flat belt. Increase the incline every
minute until it reaches 5%, and stay at that incline for 3 minutes. Next, lower
and raise the belt every 2 minutes until you’ve been exercising for 25 minutes.
Gradually lower the belt and decrease your speed over 5 minutes for a well-earned
cool down.

Treadmill workouts can be some of the most efficient,
challenging, calorie-burning routines available. They also offer the added
convenience of in-home access. CardioTech stock the very best treadmills and
home fitness equipment in Australia. With most deliveries up to 48 hours and
packages starting at just $10 a week, having your very own home gym fitness
equipment is easy and affordable. If you want to try a few in-home treadmill
workouts this winter, contact CardioTech on 1300 13 55 96.

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