3 biggest fitness trends right now

There are always new fitness trends popping up. But that’s a good thing. Why spend your life doing crunches when you can mix things up and get a real kick
out of trying something new and exciting. Variety in your workout week can even help stretch and strengthen other muscles that you didn’t focus on
in your usually routine. So we’ve rounded up some quirky fitness trends that could turn your fitness on its head (literally!). All you have to do,
is give them a go!

Floating Yoga

Founded in LA, the Americans always had a thing for workout mash-ups. The good news is it involves your usual yoga routine. The catch is, it’s done on
boards. Some people like this idea by heading to the beach and, laying the board on the sand and completing their workout facing the ocean. Some are
brave enough to try it in the ocean. Whichever way you want to go, this workout is known to build a strong core through a sequence of different movements
including yoga stretches, pilates, and gentle martial arts all while balancing yourself on the board. This type of fitness can also be found in fitness
studios using a different take on the ‘board’ like LA’s In-Trinity or London’s SUP Yoga.

Water workouts

HIIT has been around for a while now, but it was always land-based. This latest fitness trend bring it into the water for an insane resistance training
like never before. Usually seen as a circuit class, it involves timed sprints, aquajogging, and planking by the pool. Some fitness studios also use
equipment such as pilates reformer machines and cables. Your body will ache the days that follow, but your muscles will thank you for it!

Virtual boxing

For those who can’t make it to a class, or workout to let off some steam, virtual boxing is a no-excuse method of working out no matter what the weather,
time or day. In 30 minute videos, the user runs through a choreographed sequence of five shadow-boxing rounds. The intervals vary in intensity and
end with a knock-out round for maximum reality experience.

Why not give one or all of these a go this week. Don’t see anything you like? Then why not try these other fitness trends suggested by Elle Magazine.



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