5 ways to turn your treadmill into a total body workout

If you think treadmills are just for cardio, think again. No longer can they be considered a hamster wheel when there are so many cool options and features available these days. If you look closely, you will see there are actually infinite possibility for fun when working out. Treadmills do not have to be boring. With […]

Everyday habits for an active life

Getting exercise into your everyday is easier said than done, especially if the sun isn’t shining outside. But so many Aussies are turning this around and embedded simple lifestyle changes that can make a big impact on overall health. Physical activity not only helps you look your best, it helps you feel your best too. […]

Give Tabata a go!

We are all so time poor these days that most of us would opt for a more intense 20 minute workout verse a 1 hour moderate workout. Right? Tabata is the way to go. It’s a style of workout that combines 20 seconds at an intense level followed by a 10 second rest. Between each […]

Fast ways to improved gut health

The gut has been referred to by the medical industry as the body’s second brain. It is believed that digestion, mood, health and even mental wellbeing could be linked to the gut. The Enteric Nervous System lines the entire gastrointestinal tract and this is made up of millions of nerve cells that send messages back […]

Is blended the new balanced?

For years we have been searching for the right amount of work/life balance. But how many of us can actually say that we’re able to achieve this regularly? With work, family and personal commitments all competing against each other, perhaps the answer is more about overlapping and integrating these rather than scheduling our days in […]