The X9+ from CardioTech treadmill review

"Walking is the best way to get fit and the best way to walk is on your very own treadmill.. in private, no time limits. Imagine you can run in your pyjamas with your favourite TV show or music and hop on for a 2 minute express workout or a 20 min jog. Invest in a soooooper CardioTech treadmill to get your body looking the way it's supposed to – lean and wobble free. I could not and would not live without my CardioTech treadmill"
- Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy, Max International

As Rowena has attested, the CardioTech's X9+ is the best treadmill available, and now it is available to you offering users the most comprehensive workout ever! Cardio tech are famous for their cheap treadmills, and now the savings are passed on to you!

Built with a full sized treadmill deck, the CardioTech X9+ gives extra comfort and space for strides with the professional grade full deck. Part of this luxurious treadmill deck is the X9+ dual cushioning system, which involves high density rubber cushions to absorb your body impact thus protecting joints and ligaments. Created by the Air Flex ultra-low impact cushioning provides the upmost support for your key joints while exercising, making it one of the best treadmills available.

The X9+ treadmill boasts an enormous powerhouse of a motor which provides you with the gutsiest and best treadmill workout ever! The TRX motor gives you exceptional quality for long term motor reliability, has high torque 2.5HP and is designed for optimum performance. With the ability to cruise effortlessly at 18km p/h and carry user loads of up to 150 kg the CardioTech X9+ is in a league of its own!

The X9+treadmill from CardioTech utilises 'Pulse Grip' heart rate sensors so you can know exactly how hard your body is working during your workout. Keeping an eye on heart rate means you're able to control your fat burning and calorie burning but upping your intensity level to boost your heart rate. Simply grip the sensor handles and receive an immediate reading of your heart rate and start to build your work out around it! Despite this new technology, CardioTech still promise to be the best and cheapest treadmills on the market.

The smart key design of the CardioTech X9+treadmill means that the adjustment buttons for your speed and incline are readily available conveniently placed on the handrail so you don't have to break your rhythm to change your settings.

Including a stylish and sophisticated LCD and LED screen display, the X9+ is able to offer you detailed feedback for your workout including speed measures, fat burning levels, time, pace, distance, elevation gain, incline, pulse rates and calorie burning levels. It really is the most comprehensive and best treadmill available. Including dynamic stability control, the Air Flex cushioning and double weaved anti-static belt, together with 60mm rollers which reduce vibrations, the X9+ is guaranteed to perform. The stainless steel frame is so durable it carries a lifetime guarantee!

The CardioTech X9+ is by far the ultimate in treadmill performance equipment and offers users the most detailed, comfortable and successful workout while maintaining its cheap treadmill appeal.

This is by far the best treadmill for sale on the market for at home cardio workouts. As other treadmill reviews will attest, the CardioTech X9+ treadmill is the ultimate in at home cardiovascular exercise.

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