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meet the lifeback 2

Your chance to look and feel amazing, and get rid of your extra weight - for good!

good circulation is for good health

prolonged sitting is bad for your health

There are plenty of clinical studies behind Vibration Training. 1 CardioTech’s clever oscillating platform is engineered for optimum strength and toning results in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional exercise methods. It produces muscle-contracting vertical vibrations using a side alternating rocking movement.

Improve Circulation with the Lifeback 2 Vibration Machine

Duncan Armstrong reviews the X9Pro 2 Treadmill

Good things sometimes do come in small packages! Here I was seated in a chair with my feet on this slimline, portable platform. At low speeds the rocking platform began warming up my legs, I could feel a light tingling sensation so I knew my circulation... keep reading

Latest Lifeback 2 reviews

I have been using the LifeBack2 everyday and have lost 2kgs which for me is half way! Love my machine!

I have lost nearly 10kg and 13% body fat! I am so happy with my progress using the LifeBack2

Due to the amount of fluid retention in my ankles and feet I could not fit into shoes. Now, after using the LifeBack2 machine I can wear shoes again.

LifeBack2 is the perfect answer, it fits my life like a glove! The results are amazing, even my mother and husband are converts

Thank you for the invention of LifeBack2. I now have pain relief in my neck and back for the first time in years!

I bought my Lifeback2 in December 2015 and have used it for exercise and massage. I’ve had great results with increased muscle strength, more flexibility, I do long walks with ease, have better lung capacity and my massage takes pain away.

Best machine I have in the house and money we’ve spent. It’s easy to operate and you feel so good after exercising on it. I am 67 years old and I love the LB2!

It allows me to improve my fitness and waistline while still maintaining my currect diet and couch potato lifestyle. As a student I would never have been able to buy it outright but with their take home layby I don’t need to worry.

We are using two of your great products the vibration training and walker. After a time in hospital recently it has helped me get back my strength and fitness. It has also helped my wife and I to lose weight and feel much healthier.

I had back pain, varicose veins since I have used this machine back pain has gone varicose veins have retreated and I lost 8 kg in 8 weeks. I believe this machine can help all ages to get back their life.

After 5 years in wheelchair my feet had no real sensation in them. I stopped at your shop in Hyperdome and tried the LifeBack. After 1 week of use I now have sensation in my feet I can now feel my toes moving!

fast results for toning & weight loss

Good circulation is for good health.


Your 10 minute Vibration workout can equal 1 hour in the gym – here’s why... When you lift a weight, your muscles contract. Vibration Training achieves the same effect, but on hyperdrive! Depending on the vibration speed, your muscles will contract up to 22 times per second.

Newton was onto something... gravity is a factor here. As the vibration forces increase with speed and your foot position, your body will feel as though it weighs more (like travelling up in a fast lift). Compared to traditional exercise, this clever technology means you work against a far greater gravity force in every movement you perform – making your muscles work harder without you knowing it!

10 minutes of vibration equals 1 hour in the gym


Tone and strengthen with vibration machine training


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