Vibration Exercise Machine Review

Vibration machines are fast becoming one of the most popular exercise methods. Offering a unique workout experience, Vibration Machines can improve muscle strength, blood circulation and bone density, oxygenate your body and may increase metabolism and raise energy levels. CardioTech is at the forefront of the fitness industry, providing safe and reliable Vibration Exercise Machines that will see positive results in your health and lifestyle. Trust CardioTech to provide you with an impartial Vibration Machine review on all their latest models:

CV12 Whole Body Vibration Machine: This model will give you an overall workout, targeting every part of your body. With 8 pre-set massage programs specifically designed to place pressure on individual body parts, 10 minutes is all you’ll ever need on this effective machine. Speed on the CV12 is set from 1 to 99, offering you a beginner to advanced/intense workout. Finally, tracking your progress is simple with the CV12... it calculates your body fat based on gender, age, height and weight with a large and easy-to-read LED display and buttons. If you want the ultimate workout, the CV12 Whole Body Vibration Machine from CardioTech is the perfect tool for you.

CV9 Whole Body Vibration Machine: This is the most stunning Australian designed Vibration Machine and leading Vibration Machine from CardioTech. Its unique design allows you to access all the critical exercise positions. The CV9 also features the ultimate professional sized platform at 72% larger, allowing you to treat your body to a deep tissue massage by placing the included custom designed mat on the vibrating platform. The CV9 also includes a remote control so every function is at your fingertips and the blue back-lit LCD touch control is both intuitive and engaging. With 4 goal oriented programs – balance/relax, toning/strength, advance training and intense massage as well as 3 customised user programs, other vibration platform reviews will agree that this is one of the best exercising pieces of equipment you can own in your home.

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