A Logical guide to Vibration Training

The health benefits that come from Vibration Training are extensive, with vibration machine weight loss being the one most asked about by users. But many people don’t understand the principles behind vibration exercise because it is often written or explained in very technical language. A specialist in the area of Vibration Training Lloyd Shaw, explains how it all works.

By International Vibration Expert, Lloyd Shaw

When looking for explanations about Vibration Training, health professionals and consumers quite often find lots of technical terms and jargon floating around. Probably just written to impress and dazzle you. But unless you have specifically studied in that area (even top trainers may not have covered it at Uni), most would find it hard to get their head around and maybe even just boring... turning you off Vibration Training before even trying it!

So this is a simple guide to what Vibration Exercise really is, no fancy words, just a real world explanation everybody can understand.

Is vibration training new?

Well actually the answer is no. You have done this "type" of training before. You just can’t remember learning it because you were very young. And you did not consciously choose to do it.

But something happens to us as we get older, we get "too cool" to play on jungle gyms and we start to shy away from those forms of exercise. And it’s not until you think about it that we recognize how illogical that is. I mean these activities got you through life so far, so why stop, especially when you consider these reactions are many times faster and stronger than when you try to "think" to move.

How fast are they?

Well when you jump off something you get pulled down by gravity at 35 km per hr - a speed your muscles have to match for you not to fall down when you hit the ground. To put this in perspective, the fastest punches in the world, by martial arts experts who train for years only travel at approx 45 km per hr. So an untrained kid can almost do the same without thinking.

How strong are they?

Again the physics figures are startling. If you drop from something only 1 metre high your leg muscles have to produce approx 6 times your own body weight to catch yourself. The strongest man on earth cannot squat 6 times his own weight. When you swing on the monkey bars you have to produce 3 times your own body weight, through one arm just to hang on.

It is all about power to weight ratio. The bigger you got the stronger your body had to get, no real effort involved. So as a child you were already competing like an Olympic athlete, you just didn't know it.

That is why children seem so fast and strong for their size. And children that continue to do gymnastic type exercise into their teens seem to keep high quality muscle and little body fat. Because they put their body through a lot more on a daily basis than most fit adults could handle. Most so called "athletic" adults would not last 5 mins on a jungle gym let alone 5 hrs… while children think confidence courses are fun.

The fact is as humans we get weaker from the moment we stop "playing". Sounds silly, but it is true.

If I stopped using these ‘reactions’ as a form of exercise years ago, can I still use them now?

Yes you can. The good news is these reactions do not degrade with illness or age, or non-use. You developed them as a child and they are yours to keep. The only thing that will change is what type of machine you need to use to start off with. Read below for more details on this...

How does Vibration exercise fit into all of this?

There are various types of vibration exercise machines, with a multitude of vibration directions all designed to simulate different environments you react to involuntarily. However, they all work on the same principle. Your body is designed to adjust to its moving environment. These machines just tap into those reflexes and put some "play" back into our lives.

Some are Pivotal or known as Oscillating (they move under your feet like a see-saw)

Vibration Machine Training

These machines force you to re-balance over and over again. A reaction you will do without thinking, just like when you were young. In doing so you are effectively performing vibration machine exercises. Some of these vibration machines move slowly and you can just stand on them, so it is very good for people with balance problems or any condition that would stop them going for a walk. They are designed to be very gentle. This is not hard work at all, and as a result is super safe but of course they only do so much. Others move at a faster speed, where you then go into exercise poses and they replicate you jumping from side-to side quickly - obviously harder work and gives greater exercise benefits.

Others are Lineal (they move under your feet with an even vertical vibration all over the plate)

Vibration Training

These machines imitate you doing little jumps over and over again on the same spot, and some even manage to replicate you dropping off a certain height. The energy (i.e. how powerful the vibration is) makes all the difference in how the machine feels and what kind of result it can give. Some vibrate very lightly and you can again just stand there. They will help certain aspects like blood flow and bone health, but if you want to get exercise benefit, you need a more powerful vibration and good strict workout poses.

So there you have it, a very simple explanation to something that seems quite complicated on the outside.

Always remember... using Vibration Training as a form of exercise has the same rules as when you were a kid. The harder you play, the more benefits you will receive. No matter how technologically advanced we get, some things never change.