Massage Chair Features

T-zone's luxurious, fully featured robotic Massage Chair has been specifically designed with all the features to ensure you receive your ideal massage, everytime. From plush comfort to cutting edge electronics, T-Zone's Massage Recliner has it all. In fact, it would take at least 2 massage therapists to give you a massage like this...

Ahhh - feel the sweet relief...

A deep, penetrating massage that works on your most troubled areas. Your massage chair is kneading... stretching... vibrating... releasing all your tension.

Receive the perfect massage, everytime...

On the T-Zone Massage Recliner, each massage is personally mapped to your body - the high-tech auto scan system ensures you always hit the right spot.

Experience complete comfort...

Your Massage Chair reclines back to full horizontal (yes, 180 degrees). Fall asleep? Highly likely.

Relax all of your senses...

Let your mind follow your body into total relaxation. Be spirited away playing soothing MP3 music on the plush stereo headphones provided. Create your own special massage play list!

It’s all about ‘me’ time...

Take your massage to the next level with a toasty heat treatment. Set the in-built heaters on your massage chair from 40 - 70 degrees and your tired muscles and joints will love you!

Been a hard day? Feeling Moody? Energy levels low?

Simply press a button on your luxurious Massage Chair - choose Recovery, Comfort, Relax or Fatigue. With these 4 pre-set programs you can escape to paradise.

Sitting or standing all day?

Press the Upper Back or Lower Back semi-automatic programs on the top of the massage chair console. Take a deep breath, sit back and just feel the relief.

Trouble spots in your back?

Customise your back massage to work them over. Choose from 9 partial massages or select a ‘point’ massage that will work you back where you need it most.

Want the massage of your life?

Choose your own combination of knead, knock, wavelet, tap, shiatsu, and vibrate. On T-Zone's fully featured, robotic Massage Chair you can experiment with the airbag intensity, shoulder position, leg extension, temperature and/or recline to design your own, sensational targeted massage.

Save your favourite do-it-yourself massage?

You bet - just press one of the 4 memory settings; a fantastic Massage Chair feature!

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