Why is Bioflex a superior back & spine inversion table system?

You may be familiar with the 'ankle grabbing' inversion tables. You clamp your ankles in, lie back and invert to approximately 45 degrees. The ankle clamps grip tightly, reducing blood flow around your ankles and your ENTIRE body weight is supported by your small ankle area. Hey, they even look painful. Plus you simply can't safely achieve the full 90 degree inversion that provides full decompression and relief from bulging, tight, strained discs.

By comparison, Bioflex provides safe natural traction... without clamping . Your body weight is comfortably and safely supported by your largest muscles.

Bioflex has two inversion positions, one at 90 degrees and one at 45 degrees. At the 90 degree position you are enjoying full, effortless, safe spinal decompression - NO other inversion table machine on the market will do that! You can also curl up and down against gravity for a superior abdominal workout, in the correct bent-leg position.

PLUS, unlike the back pain relief and inversion table back machines, at the 45 degree position CardioTech's Bioflex inversion system enables you to strengthen your lower back. It's safe, easy and works your lower back in a way that can usually only be achieved by expensive machines found in health clubs.

There's no need to suffer back pain and sciatica - get your life back! Decompress your spine and feel back pain relief! Call us today and receive your Bioflex within 48 hours - you'll be so glad you did!

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