Recumbent Exercise Bikes For Sale

Exercising at home just got easier with the CardioTech Recumbent Exercise bike! If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional exercise bike, a recumbent bike offers all the benefits of its relative, as well as the support you need. With a wide, tapered seat, CardioTech’s recumbent bikes allow you to sit back while you pedal, giving you extra back support.

The Guy Leech GLR-4 Recumbent Exercise Bike helps you not only train harder, but train smarter too. The clever seat design offers comfort and support, ensuring your back is well supported and your weight is distributed evenly. To change seat position, our simple pin load and slide system is quick and easy so you can ensure correct leg extension. The computerised system allows you to effortlessly change tension and record your progress.

But our recumbent bikes are more than just a good workout – they’re also a lot of fun! Get lost in your favourite music with the built in speakers, monitor your heart rate and pedal along with ease. Multitask by reading and riding or catch up on your favourite TV series.

Available for purchase or hire to buy online, the Guy Leech GLR-4 Recumbent Exercise is a quality piece of equipment at a fraction of the price. Backed by CardioTech’s tick of approval, this product is the perfect home gym addition. So, contact us to discuss your options today!

Quality Recumbent exercise bikes online

The Guy Leech GLR-4 Recumbent Exercise Bike helps you not only train harder, but will help you train smarter too. Enjoy the many benefits that come with a discount recumbent bike from CardioTech.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

We all know it - using a traditional upright bike usually means thigh burn... uncomfortable seat... the time drags... your hands are glued to the handlebars... breathless within minutes...

Now on your Recumbent Bike you can experience a smooth, invigorating ride! It's burning fat... It's getting better results - in comfort!


The wide, tapered saddle is built for comfort – distributing weight evenly through your buttocks. Stop cycling when you're ready – not because you're saddle sore!


Look at the clever seat design. Your back is fully supported – you're not trying to balance... you're not leaning forward... In fact, you're actually de-loading your lower back! Get a great cardiovascular workout without triggering lower back pain for a change!


Experience the smooth, progressive acceleration and deceleration thanks to the oversize flywheel and heavy and heavy duty 3-piece crank! No more jarring or struggling.


Correct leg extension in any sort of cycling (upright or recumbent) is critical to optimize your workout and avoid knee and hip pain. Our simple pin load and slide system makes optimal seat position adjustment a breeze. Quick and easy!


You don't need great balance for this bike! It's unbelievably easy to mount and dismount - just step through and take a seat. Sit back and burn those calories.


So important for goal setting... now you can increase the tension as you get fitter and know that the bike remembers and doesn't lose calibration – beats the old style tension controlled flywheel hands down. With the GLR-4 Recumbent Exercise Bike you exercise in confidence knowing your stats are correct!

The Recumbent Bicycle comfort...


Sink into the soft saddle and backrest that's supporting your back – not stressing it!


Ride in comfort, peddle smoothly and watch TV, read or listen to some tunes – it's a superfast 15... 30... 60... minutes!

The results of working out on your recumbent bike


Forget thigh burn and shred fat faster! Use more muscles than traditional cycling – recumbents hit your upper thighs, as well as your glutes (buttocks)! Your arms are free to use hand weights for a total body workout!

Using more muscles means you burn more calories!


With your upper and lower body moving, there's no need to huff and puff! Check your heart rate easily on the vibrant console and exercise right – in your target zone!


Play on your mobile, use hand weights for a better workout, use your laptop, or read a book. You choose!

Hot recumbent bike design features

Plush, form fit adjustable seat

Ultra comfortable - PU foam wrapped in smooth, leather-look vinyl.

Two recline back adjustment positions to customise your ride! Ahhh blissful comfort!


Be inspired! Lose yourself with your favourite music pumping through the speakers - built right into your console.

Forget the headphones! (MP3 Player/ iPod not included)

Extra large, self balancing pedals!

Fully supports your foot - at 12.5cm our pedal is 2.5cm wider than standard!

PLUS – the pedals always face upward, no bending to get your feet in place - just slip them in and go!

Quality, 9kg Oversized Flywheel

Enjoy a smooth ride and effortless, quiet, reliable motion.


It's state of the art - just hold the Recumbent Bike handlebars for a few seconds and check your heart rate on the console! Exercising at your target heart rate means you get the results you want! Don't waste time - make sure you're actually getting fit... losing weight... reaching your goals! So easy. So important!

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