Your spine and gravity...

The Bioflex™ inversion machine fights the effects of gravity to reduce back pain.

Your Power Centre

Your spine, your back and your abdominal muscles combine to create the Power Centre that carries you through life. Your flexibility and stamina depend on the strength of these muscles. Back pain signals that our muscles aren’t up to the task.

A Strong Torso

With a simple program of natural traction you’ll rebuild a strong, flexible and supple torso – supporting your body’s structure and internal organs. A strong torso can help reduce the incidence of back pain.

The Harsh Forces of Gravity

Your spine and surrounding muscles must withstand stress, shock and the unrelenting pressures of gravity. Over our lifetime most of us lose 3-5cms in height due to this constant compression on our spinal column.

When vertebrae are pushed together it causes the disc between them to herniate or ‘bulge’. That’s when you experience the first signs of pain. Added pressure on compressed spines results in nerves between the discs being squashed by that gravitational force and that’s when nagging back pain sets in, restricting your movement and compromising lifestyle.