Design & Innovation

Better results in reducing back pain - with comfort and durability guaranteed!

  • Full inversion of 180 degrees safely promotes back health and with faster results than other machines. What’s more, it enables more challenging abdominal crunches.
  • A gradual tilt transition with adjustable rotary knob controls your stretch and ensures optimum comfort. No clamping, like on inversion tables.
  • Easy grip well-aligned handles, adjustable hinges, pivot arm and safety catches ensure safe, seamless movement and support.
  • Alpha Engineered™ for lifetime durability is our quality guarantee. It’s constructed from heavy-duty steel with scratch resistant powder-coated finish.
  • Enhanced comfort makes exercise and stretching a pleasure with oversized high density cushion and leg rollers and no tight ankle clamps

Designed and engineered to Australian specifications, the Bioflex™ is tested to meet rigid safety standards. Bioflex is constructed from the highest quality components, including heat treated carbon steel – particularly heavy duty; specialized low friction pivot bearings and is protected by a scratch resistant powder coating.

Simple, straight forward instructions come with your machine that teaches you how to get the most benefit from your Bioflex™.

Where inversion tables clamp the ankles causing discomfort and hindering circulation, bioflex offers safe, comfortable and effective back relief for a bad back.