CALL 1300 135 596 • LIVE CALLS 7 DAYS!
CALL 1300 135 596 • LIVE CALLS 7 DAYS!

Meet our CardioTech Dream Team

We'd like to introduce you to some of our amazing staff.

Vanessa Kirby
Fitness Professional – PT

Hi I’m Vanessa, I am the Manager for Garden City kiosk! I am a qualified Personal Trainer and I have been apart of CardioTech family for over 9 years now!

If you’re looking to help achieve your goals or maintain them, come and see me at Westfield Garden City upper level, outside Big W.

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Lee Lovejoy
Fitness Professional – Kiosk Manager

Hi, I'm Lee.

I've been looking after CardioTech customers for years and love seeing the changes our products make in people's lives. I’m also a qualified Physical Education Teacher, so am really qualified to help all ages.

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Christy Lovell
Fitness Professional – PT

My name is Christy and I have been a part of the CardioTech family for almost 5 years, I am a qualified PT and have a martial arts and security background.

I understand the struggles of everyday life and love to help people start or continue their journey to a better life.

Come see me at the Helensvale kiosk, out the front of Kmart.

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Abbie Hill
Fitness Professional – Fitness Professional

I have been in the health and fitness industry now for over 5 years. I am the proud Manager of our Chermside kiosk. We are just outside Healthy World Pharmacy and right by Harris Scarfe. It's where all the fun and excitement is, come past and say hi to myself or one of our friendly staff. 

See our showcase equipment & all CardioTech has to offer and receive the best expert advice to help you achieve those goals and maintain them.

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Louise Knox
Fitness Professional – Kiosk Manager

5 years ago after winning my fight against weight issues and losing 39 kilos I found my love for fitness changed my life.

I became a PT (Cert 4) and set out to help others find their inner passion for fitness too. With CardioTech I’m on a mission to help others achieve a healthy happy lifestyle too!

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Lisa Molnar
Fitness Professional – Kiosk Manager

Hi I’m Lisa. I joined CardioTech early in 2015 and loving it! I am a qualified PT who thrives on helping people to smash their weight loss, health and fitness goals. It really is AWESOME working with quality equipment. Come see me and we can get you started on the new you today at our Logan kiosk. You can find us in front of Lorna Jane.

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Janine Duyst
Fitness Professional – PT

Hi I’m Janine, I am a qualified PT and Pilates Instructor. I have worked for CardioTech since 2013 and love seeing my customers achieve positive change. Their awesome feedback after using our equipment, gives me such a buzz! Improving and changing peoples lives everyday makes my job so rewarding! I really love helping people with their weight loss and fitness needs.

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David Vaughan
Fitness Professional – Kiosk Manager

Hi I'm David and I have been with CardioTech since 2016.

I am a qualified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach with a passion to inspire everyday people to change their health, fitness and lifestyle.

Pop into your friendly local CardioTech kiosk and ask us how we can get you started today!

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North Lakes
Scott Fletcher
Fitness Professional – PT

Hi I’m Scotty and have been with CardioTech for 8 years.

As a qualified strength and conditioning coach with a BSc in Physiology, I can certainly help you reach goals of mobility and weight loss quicker than ever.

Come and talk with me at CardioTech Northlakes, we're just near Sportsco.

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Bec Taylor
Fitness Professional – PT

Hi, I’m Bec and I absolutely love my job here at CardioTech!

I’ve been a qualified PT for years and am passionate about changing and improving people’s lives for the better…forever!

A healthy strong body creates a positive mind. For advice on health, fitness, weight loss, toning and strength…even delaying old age!...come and see me at our Robina kiosk.

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Allana Climpson
Fitness Professional – Qualified Personal Trainer

I am a qualified personal trainer with experience in helping people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their long-term health and fitness goals.

I am also extremely passionate about the health benefits of exercise other than weight loss, such as renewed energy, improved mental health, mobility and confidence!

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Michelle Collins
Fitness Professional – PT

Hi I’m Michelle and I’ve been a part of the CardioTech family for over 2 years now. I am a qualified PT and while for 2 years I was helping people to achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals in our kiosks I now support the training of our dedicated team!

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