Being busy isn't an excuse

We all know that it can be hard to fit everything in on the best of days, unfortunately fitness is one of the first things to fall off the to-do list when things get busy. Just 20 minutes of exercise can help increase your metabolism and working out intensely for just 3 minutes can spur calorie burn throughout the day givi ..

Beginners guide to getting fit

Starting a fitness routine or even embarking on a new one can be a little daunting. It's hard to know where to start when there is so much choice and advice out there. Never fear, we've broken it down for you so taking the first few steps is easy and also motivating enough to keep wanting more. Knowing where you start It& ..

Do you crunch? Why your core muscles are so important

We don’t notice it in our everyday lives, but having a strong core is linked to our balance, posture, back health and more. Core muscles are essentially the foundation to our body’s movement whether walking, carrying a bag or exercising. Sure some of us work on our mid sections for bikini seasons, but here are  ..

How to prevent a side stitch when running

Running on a treadmill is fantastic exercise for your cardiovascular health. But a sharp pain in the side is not only uncomfortable, but it can mean the end of a workout if it’s severe enough. We do not know exactly what causes side stitches but there are some effective strategies that can help prevent this common proble ..

7 Next big fitness trends

If you have a passion for music or dance but get bored with traditional fitness, these new trends are sure to get you going. They all fuse fitness with some other quality or technique which creates a challenge to get a move right without noticing that your body is working out. Nothing but fun. Ripstix Two former drumm ..

5 Natural ways to cleanse your body this summer

In the holiday season, we all tend to overindulge. It’s hard not to. But just because there is food and drink in abundance, doesn't mean we should forget all the hard work we’ve done this year. Follow these simple steps to keep your health on track so you not only feel great, but have plenty of energy to make the most of the holiday ..

How to move your body, even at a desk

We now know that sitting for long periods (http://www.cardiotech.com.au/_blog/Latest_Fitness_News/post/is-sitting-is-the-new-smoking/)can be harmful for our health. We also know that even if we exercise outside of work hours, it may not undo all the hours spent on our backsides. Yep, that's right. Our bodies are designed to move, and there  ..

6 easy nutrition tips to lose weight

Whether you’re looking to lose a few kgs or just want to be healthier, most of us turn to exercise first. Instead, start in the kitchen. This place can make or break most of us. So here are 6 simple ideas that help organise us better, so it’s easier than ever to choose healthy options. Get rid of unhealthy foods. Sounds  ..

7 Health and Fitness Blogs For Women

We all know that motivation is a massive factor in keeping fit and healthy. Women are especially guilty of finding (or not finding) the will to workout, as they often put other people first. Since most of us are regular users of the internet, a great way to gain a motivational fix is to subscribe to fitness blogs. These sites provide an  ..

Smart Workouts using Functional Movement Exercises

It sounds technical, but in fact Functional Movement Exercises (FME) are simple. It’s a way of training which aims to move your entire body and not just isolate large muscles at a time (like body builders). It’s about smart workouts to get the whole body moving without a higher risk of injury along the way. The exercises simulta ..

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