Are your eating habits sabotaging your results (part 2)

This week we focus on increasing your protein intake. Most of us don't eat enough of it. But did you know that protein rebuilds and repairs our muscles? If you eat enough protein in your diet along with performing regular strength training - then you will increase your bodies muscle mass. How good would it be to sit and do nothing and ..

Are your eating habits sabotaging your results? (Part 1)

Following on from "My Three Golden Rules" blog, this week I'm delving a little deeper to give you an insider's view as to why so many people exercise regularly, follow low fat eating plans but still rarely achieve results. The simple answer is they most likely eat the wrong foods at the wrong time of the day. Do any of the below statem ..

Impact of high intensity training on your blood sugar

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada have found that brief high intensity workouts, as little as six sessions over two weeks, rapidly lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics, offering a potential fix for patients who struggle to meet exercise guidelines. A total of 3 x 25 minute workouts of high-intensity intermittent exercise  ..

Plan your training intensity around your fitness goals

It's important to understand your training intensity ratio i.e. how much low cardio you should do each week v's how much hard cardio training. If you include both types of training and push yourself to include "hard" cardio, it will help you to increase your levels of fitness and ultimately you will reach your fitness goal. Here's the low  ..

What would you like to achieve for your health? Fill me in!

In order to get the most out of your new health and fitness regime you need to gain clarity on what it is you'd personally like to achieve. We all have different goals but what is it that's important to you? Would you like to learn how to run a significant distance? Would you like to lose weight? Are you considering trainin ..

Australia’s premier online fitness equipment store

Australians choose to exercise and work out in different ways. While some may feel right at home in the gym, others prefer the comfort, convenience and privacy of exercising in their own home. CardioTech provides the best fitness equipment for the home to help you smash it in your daily workout regime. Exercise equipment you can hire to b ..

What’s your body type? Knowing will help you exercise more efficiently

To kick off the blog this week we take a look at body types, this is a real eye opener! Did you know that by adapting your exercise program and the food you eat to suit your body type you can improve the effectiveness of your training and benefit more greatly nutritionally? In a snapshot: There are 3 main body types - Ectomorph (na ..

Myths about Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can be harder than you think, thanks to an enterprising food industry that wants us to consume more than we need. That’s because our country’s agricultural system produces twice what most people require, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service. This encourages creative marketi ..

How can you improve your diet and exercise behaviours?

Changing daily routines to increase healthy eating and physical activity takes a little effort and practice. 1. Focus on preventing weight gain, rather than weight loss The first step in improving your health is simply to prevent weight gain. 2. Make long term plans for a healthier lifestyle Set a realistic health goal, make a plan, ..

Move More, Feel Good

During life some people move in and out of periods where they are active and not so active. If you have ever had a period of time where you have not been as active as usual did you notice a change in your mood? These periods of time, sometimes out of our control, emphasise how important movement is to our lives. Being active positively influenc ..

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