A happy you is a healthy you!

Health is wealth and the main aim of Health and Fitness is to assist us all to grow up healthy, keep fit and maintain a stronger life. CardioTech's blog is working towards a healthier and stronger life by providing you with the facts and motivation you need to ensure that is the case. More

It's a fact! Junk Food is ADDICTIVE!

As anyone who ever finished a bag of Doritos three days into a diet knows, "Junk Food is addictive." The researchers made their announcement in response to a new study led by the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida. All joking aside, the study actually did contain some genuine surprises, particularly in revealing just how extraordinarily addictive junk food actually is. In essence, the researchers found that junk foods exert an addictive pull as powerful as that conferred by the most highly addictive narcotic drugs. More

What to look for when buying Treadmills for the Home

Quality gym equipment for the fitness amateur or adept trainer More

Here's how to beat the bloat!

Good health starts with good gut health. Did you know that 70% of the immune system is centred in your gut? So if your gut isn't healthy this can have an effect on the rest of your body and overall wellbeing. The ability of your gut to perform at its best is easily influenced by factors such as stress, diet, lifestyle, medication and the imbalance between bacteria living in the gut. More

The cold hard facts about Alcohol and Weight Gain

Many Australians enjoy a social drink, and in moderation, it can be one of the pleasures in life. It should be remembered that alcohol does cause the body harm and therefore needs to be respected More

Fitness & Health Expo 2011 - Footage Released!!

View the latest videos of Ian Jacobs live on stage at the 2011 Fitness & Health Expo in Brisbane.  More

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is a long-term commitment with your mind and body. More

How do you maintain new healthy habits?

Kicking off the new year on the right foot when you're motivated is easy. But how do you maintain new healthy habits when your resolve starts to fade? More

when it comes to exercise.... having fun is the ONLY way to go!


Improving your health fitness through cardiovascular exercise

Perhaps the most common type of exercise is aerobic exercise, also called cardiovascular exercise, which utilizes oxygen and helps burns fat. This type of exercise has consistently shown in numerous studies to improve cardiovascular and respiratory health. This means that as a result, this type of exercise conditions the lungs to be able to use more oxygen while increasing your heart's efficiency by decreasing heart rate. More